Songwriting Camp Scotland!


Ever fancied staying in a stunning castle along with a hand picked select group of incredibly talented songwriters and producers to create new songs? This is exactly what we do! We lock ourselves away for four full days (4 nights) and create incredible songs. We finish off the camp with the listening session where we play all the songs over the 4 days. 


My name is Jamie and I'm a writer producer from Glasgow. I've been involved in writing camps in London, Woking, Sweden and in 2018 ran incredible writing camp at a castle in Scotland. We now have 2 writing camps booked in Scotland for 2019 and have 4 Camps plan for 2020. Sadly due to only have VERY limited numbers we only have 20 spaces available on each camp and our aim is to have the very best writers and producers attended. We would LOVE you to apply so please fill out the small form and send over 1 or 2 songs either by MP3 or link. 


The Price for the camp is £500 and this covers the accommodation (Stunning Rooms!) for the 4 nights, Breakfast, lunch and dinner all provided. (along with some wine/beer for the over 18's) Studio equipment for each writing room.


We don't take ANY of the writers publishing from this camp so you own 100% of your own cut of each song. We have excellent connections with publishers in the UK and some around Europe so there are opportunities here also. Please advise us if you are a published or unpublished writer. 


5th - 9th AUGUST 2019

Pitlochry - Scotland

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